Feiyu MG-V2 Gimbal for Mirrorless Inter-Changable Lens Camera



MG V2 is one kind of 3-axis handheld gimbal especially for mirroless cameras.
Simple and clean design integrated strong operation function, easy to switch among more using ways.
The easiest operation experience.
Pan/Tilt/Roll 3-axis 360 degrees coverage, Giving you ultimate experience while using the MG for shooting.

1 x MG-V2 gimbal
1 x Handle
1 x Lens retaining ring
1 x Connector
2 x Corss bar
2 x Hand grip
1 x Thumb screw(big)[Tread: 1/4 inch]
2 x Thumb screw(small)[Tread: M3]
4 x Batteries(type:18650)
1 x Case
1 x USB Cable(mini port, 70cm)
1 x USB Cable(micro port, 50cm)
1 x USB Connector
1 x Mini allen key

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